Angel Wing PC/Mac/iOS/Console

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Hello everyone!

I’ve been posting some pics and video on Twitter, but have neglected this sacred sheepy space!

Sorry! :O

So, let’s fix this. My next game is an on-rails space shoot-em-up called Angel Wing, and it looks like this:

aw_wip1 aw_wip2

aw_wip4 aw_wip5



I hope you like the screenshots (click on them for larger versions of the images!).


The game’s inspired by classic on-rails arcade games such as the original Star Wars Arcade machine (my fave!) and Namco’s StarBlade.


Here’s a short work in progress Vine Video showing you exiting the hangar of your carrier ship 😀



You can see the influence (I hope!) of early arcade machines in the vector graphic style. I’m also bringing across the monochrome magic from the Air Supply games, so you’ll be able to unlock different colours in the game!


Currently I’m planning 15 stages, but rather than being linear I’m hoping to implement a ‘branching’ system, much like that found in Sega’s classic arcade racer, Outrun 🙂


More information can be found at the lovely Touch Arcade here and here.


The game will be available for PC and Mac (hopefully on Steam if I can manage that!) as well as iOS devices. With any luck, it may even appear on consoles, if they’ll have me! :O


Please do keep an eye out for Angel Wing on Twitter too, as I post lots of updates there (in-between taking out the bins!) as well as on Facebook!


I’m bloody excited to be working on this, and I hope you like it!





Quick update! :D

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Hello all, hope you’re well!

Sheepy here. It’s pretty much April now and I’ve not released anything for four months.


Well, I’m not close to releasing anything yet, but I’m making some solid progress. I’m aiming for three games this year, an increase of 1 from last year! Hopefully you’ll find them interesting (if I ever finish any of them!).

You can keep up with me on Twitter if you like – @quantum_sheep is where I live!

I also post things far less regularly on FaceBook.

So yes, I’m keeping busy, trying to get on with things!

Take care! 😀


Docking Sequence

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“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the single hardest part of space travel is docking…”


*Featured over Xmas 2014 on the front page or iTunes*

“This, I think, gets at the heart of classic arcade games, where simple controls often managed to translate into complex behavior. You’ll learn how to do everything you can in seconds, but learning how to use those actions to produce the desired results is something that takes a lot more practice.” – Touch Arcade, 4/5

*blushes* – Thank you!

Anyway, some blurb! 😀

Welcome to “Docking Sequence

A 2D Pixel Art game by Quantum Sheep, inspired by the docking sequence from the classic ‘Elite’ as well as Kubrick’s seminal work, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Pilot your ship across 10 systems to dock in 100 stations and make your way home!

Stations rotate, making docking tricky. Then there’s those pesky space pirates to deal with. Asteroid fields. Mines. Wormholes.

But the trickiest part, by far, is docking! As you’ll soon discover!

Good luck, Pilot! 😀


100 space stations across 10 different systems to dock with!
10 different spaceships to unlock and fiy!
Six chiptune music tracks provided by the awesome Classical 8bit
Challenging hazards such as asteroids, space pirates, mines, wormholes and even mysterious black monoliths!
Excess fuel unlocks different colour schemes!
Rescuing astronauts unlocks new music!
No IAP or Ads!

*warning* Though the game will work on an original iPad, expect better performance on more capable devices. Available as a Universal App for iOS here. 😀

You can hear the awesome soundtrack for the game supplied by Classical 8bit here 🙂





Air Supply SOS – The Reviews are in :D

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Hello all!

Well, SOS has been out less than a month and was featured by Apple on the US App store! Yay!

Thanks to everyone that has left a rating/review on the App stores around the world! It’s greatly appreciated! 😀

An update has just gone live fixing the Game Center problems, so all should be good now 😀

Additionally, I’ve put together a list of some of the reviews across the internet! The praise has been almost universal, which is so lovely to see! Here they are:

Touch Arcade – 4.5/5

ArcadeLife – 91/100

Pocketgamer – 4/5

148apps – 4.5/5

iphonelife – 4.5/5

Thank you everyone that reviewed the game – I’m so chuffed you enjoyed it 😀


Hey all :)

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Hello, hope you’re well!


Wow – nearly two months without me writing something new here – apologies!


Life threw a bit of a curveball recently, which I’ll go into in more detail at a later date.


So SOS is *almost* finished. I just keep adding and adding to it though.


Which is great for you guys, but at the same time means release is just pushed further back.




I’m far more active on Twitter and Facebook, so do please consider following me there if you want better updates than I can manage here!


Thanks all! Still here! Still working! Still eating the grass!




Hello! Happy New Year!

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Happy new year everyone! I’ll see you all in 2014. Which sounds much nicer than 2013!

So, yay! 😀


Please Stand By…

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Please Stand By…


So, apparently my games break with iOS7.




Fortunately, it’s not just me. Just about every developer out there is scrambling to update their apps (you’ll have noticed that little red number going up lots on your app store icon recently!).


Unfortunately, unlike other companies, I’m a one-man band. As a result fixing everything will take some time.


Sorry about this, and thanks for your patience!


Normal service will be resumed soon!



So, Microsoft backed down!

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*hugs all his games*

QS 😀


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Hello lovelies, long time no see!

So Unity for mobile dev is now free.

I’ve not been using Unity much as it happens, mainly because I wanted my games to be available to as many people as possible. Which means desktop and mobile publishing would be great.

Now it’s possible with Unity, which is a real coup in my book.

I’m glad I didn’t have the money to spend on a mobile license – imagine the poor devs that paid for it recently! Ouch!

But yes. Games development, in general, can be done on a very limited budget these days. There’s an abundance of tools available these days such as Unity, GameSalad, Xcode, GameMaker etc etc.

But more than the tool is the want, or need, to make something lovely. It’s what drives me on!

If you have an interest in games, I’d recommend trying to make one. It’s incredibly creative, and fantastically rewarding!

It’s also a lot of hard work! And a lot of fun!

Speak soon,

QS 😀

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Something for the weekend, sir/madame? :D

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Hello all, hope you’re well!

It’s been a busy summer, and now it’s getting really hot. Literally. We moaned about a lack of summer weather before, and now I wish it were just a tad cooler!

I’ve been house-sitting for my cousin again, and looking after her lovely little dog, Snoops. He’s good company, and I’ve been pretty productive while here.

Most of ProjectSAMMY has been planned out and I’m going through the literally thousands of test photos I’ve taken, trying to match up certain ones with in-game locations.

I’m doing the vast majority of the art, from photos, which is partly why things are taking so long! Sorry!

Here’s a pic I made that I thought I’d share with you. No guarantees that it’ll be in the game, but I kinda liked it!

Hope you find it interesting and thanks for stopping by!

Now I have lots of hot and sticky weather to wade through!


QS 😀