Something for the weekend, sir/madame? :D

Hello all, hope you’re well!

It’s been a busy summer, and now it’s getting really hot. Literally. We moaned about a lack of summer weather before, and now I wish it were just a tad cooler!

I’ve been house-sitting for my cousin again, and looking after her lovely little dog, Snoops. He’s good company, and I’ve been pretty productive while here.

Most of ProjectSAMMY has been planned out and I’m going through the literally thousands of test photos I’ve taken, trying to match up certain ones with in-game locations.

I’m doing the vast majority of the art, from photos, which is partly why things are taking so long! Sorry!

Here’s a pic I made that I thought I’d share with you. No guarantees that it’ll be in the game, but I kinda liked it!

Hope you find it interesting and thanks for stopping by!

Now I have lots of hot and sticky weather to wade through!


QS 😀

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