Angel Wing PC/Mac/iOS/Console



Hello everyone!

I’ve been posting some pics and video on Twitter, but have neglected this sacred sheepy space!

Sorry! :O

So, let’s fix this. My next game is an on-rails space shoot-em-up called Angel Wing, and it looks like this:

aw_wip1 aw_wip2

aw_wip4 aw_wip5



I hope you like the screenshots (click on them for larger versions of the images!).


The game’s inspired by classic on-rails arcade games such as the original Star Wars Arcade machine (my fave!) and Namco’s StarBlade.


Here’s a short work in progress Vine Video showing you exiting the hangar of your carrier ship 😀



You can see the influence (I hope!) of early arcade machines in the vector graphic style. I’m also bringing across the monochrome magic from the Air Supply games, so you’ll be able to unlock different colours in the game!


Currently I’m planning 15 stages, but rather than being linear I’m hoping to implement a ‘branching’ system, much like that found in Sega’s classic arcade racer, Outrun 🙂


More information can be found at the lovely Touch Arcade here and here.


The game will be available for PC and Mac (hopefully on Steam if I can manage that!) as well as iOS devices. With any luck, it may even appear on consoles, if they’ll have me! :O


Please do keep an eye out for Angel Wing on Twitter too, as I post lots of updates there (in-between taking out the bins!) as well as on Facebook!


I’m bloody excited to be working on this, and I hope you like it!





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