Air Supply iOS 5 compatibility is fine! :)

Hello all!

I’m in the good ol’ US of A at the moment, helping out on the story and text for what’s sure to be a huge hit of an adventure game for firemaplegames 🙂

I did notice this 1 star review of Air Supply on the US iTunes store by a gentleman called RODSpencer87:

“Love the game, been playing if for months now, but since I upgraded to the new IPhone 4s with IOS 5.1 the gameplay is slow, choppy, buggy, and freezes, especially when Spaceman Sam shoots. PLEASE make this game compatible for IOS 5, which I think this is a compatibility problem maybe? Please fix this issue ASAP and I will comeback and rate 5 STARS. Thank you.”

This bit’s for you, Rod! Hope you read it!

Hello! Hope you’re well!

Thanks for buying Air Supply, very much appreciated!

Could you email me please (details on the info page on this site!) with details of what the issue seems to be.

You mention problems on your iPhone 4s (they’re lovely aren’t they?), but I have the exact same phone with iOS 5.1 and not had any of the issues you’ve encountered.

How odd!

Anyway, I’m hoping to update the game soon so hopefully it’ll fix your problems.

Thanks again!

QS 😀

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