Well, that didn’t go to plan…

Hey all, hope you’re well!

Some bad news I’m afraid!

.Matrixx got rejected by Apple for the Mac. I *think* it’s because Mac stuff can’t start with a ‘.’

Weird eh?

Also, I’ve had some trouble uploading Gravitrixx for Mac.

I’m still working on getting these out. But these delays, and being away for a few days, has kinda knocked the old ‘a game a week’ idea for six.

Sorry about that! 🙁

Still, I’m trying to get some out before Xmas, and I also got a Kindle Fire too. So maybe there’ll be versions for that too!

Sometimes I wish it wasn’t just me doing this! :O

Anyway, apologies if you were looking forward to these on Mac, and I’ll do my best to get some stuff out before Xmas!

Thanks for your patience!

QS 🙂

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