Life is an adventure! :D

Posted in Adventure, Games, iphone on February 11th, 2012 by quantumsheep

Hello everyone! Hope you’re well!

I feel that recently, there’s been a whiff of change in the air. And not the small kind 😉

My friend Joe has had huge success with his adventure game, The Lost City. I recommend it – it’s lovely!

At the same time pretty much, the lovely folks at Double Fine got over $1m in funding in less than 24 hours using Kickstarter. To make an adventure game!

It’s truly wonderful to see the support for such lovely people!

It would seem pretty darn lucky that I chose this moment in time to make an adventure game with “ProjectSAMMY”. It’s coming along quite nicely, and I’ll hopefully have new stuff to show you too!

I hope people like it!

QS 😀

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A quick update!

Posted in Adventure, art on January 17th, 2012 by quantumsheep

Hi all!

I’m reticent to post ‘work in progress’ shots of upcoming games, but I wanted to show you all I’m still here and still working on new stuff!

So, with that said, here’s a preview shot of ‘ProjectSAMMY’.

Hope you like it!

ProjectSAMMY will be an adventure game and I hope to add a bit of Quantum Sheep magic to it too!

I’ve made adventure games before, of course, but they were text adventures for the PC. Lots of fun to make too, so I’m excited to be working on this!

At the moment my time is split between this and Air Supply SOS – I’m hoping to settle on one or the other by the end of the month and get something finished by March/April.

So, yeah. I’m still here!


QS 😀

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