On and on!

Hello all, hope you’re well!

I’m still here! Honest!

There are two games still in the works – Air Supply SOS and ProjectSAMMY.

They haven’t gone away, and neither have I!

This year has been mostly spent researching, testing, experimenting… all sorts of stuff! As well as working on the bread and butter games that hopefully brought you here to read these words in the first place!

There are other factors too – time, money, personal issues, discontent with the market, with games in general etc etc – they take away from actually *making* a game sometimes.

I’m not here to give you excuses, though! Work is still ongoing, and developments are always exciting! For example, my good friend Jake is working away on stuff that we can publish through Quantum Sheep. And as stated, work on the two projects mentioned is ongoing, if a little slow!

So I’m just saying “I’m still here! I’m still working! And you’ll have new stuff soonish!”

Thanks as ever for reading!

QS 😀

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