**The Sun has got his hat(s) on in this unique and charming game for 3rd Generation iPods, iPhone 3GS and up, iPad and now Mac computers!**

We all take the Sun for granted! Far too much! Now’s your chance to be a star, shining down on the world throughout history, and spreading fun and happiness all around!

Tap on the screen to shoot fireballs to where your finger is!

Shooting Grumpy clouds with your fireballs increases the world’s happiness! (blue score)

Shooting anything else will increase the world’s sadness (red score).

So be careful what you shoot!

Make sure there’s more happiness than sadness in the world to progress!

*Collect 24 fun hats to wear! 😀
*Beautiful Retina display graphics (on supported devices)!
*Level up as the Sun in this unique and charming game!
*Shoot those grumpy clouds across history in a variety of time periods and locations!
*Eight worlds to explore, with four seasons in each world!
*Wonderfully cheerful music from Yerzmyey and Mister Beep! 😀
*Great for everyone and anyone!
*Simple to play, but with layers of subtle complexity that will keep you coming back again and again!
*12 fun achievements to get!
*GameCenter leader boards for each world, as well as an overall high score!
*Large iPad screen is perfect for kids to play on!
*Keep a little Sunshine in your pocket with the iPhone/iPod touch version! 😀