Sol Alpha Demo available

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You can play Quantum Sheep’s first iphone centric game here.

The game is an early alpha demo, and runs from the Game Salad website. You’ll need to download their plug-in.
Only available for intel based Macs at the moment.

Archive: Wap games

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A selection of images from Quantum Sheep’s days as a WAP mobile phone developer, when phones were bulky and screens were black and white!
The WAP version of Oni. Published by Take Two.

Images from the WAP version of Dragon Rage, published by 3D0.

Cyber Hunter title screen. The first Quantum Sheep game!
A promo image used in negotiations with Konami for a Silent Scope pitch.
Combat game title screen.
Combat game – troops.
A selection of characters from an unpublished Street Fighter game for Capcom.