An icon :D

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Hi everyone!

Well, we’re getting very close. Looks like we’ll be submitting to Apple tomorrow for review sometime tomorrow!


Pictured above is the icon for Attack of the Kraken – look out for it on the app store soon!

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New Kraken Pics released

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So we’re still not quite done, but we thought you might like to see some Kraken pics, er, ‘while you wait’.



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Attack of the Kraken announced! Sneak Peek video inside :D

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Hi all,

Our latest game, Attack of the Kraken (formerly known as ‘Project K‘), is almost ready! We’re hoping to submit to Apple this week, with a pencilled in release date of July 23rd!

It’s a side scrolling classic shoot ’em up, inspired by John Wyndhams awesome book, ‘The Kraken Wakes’ aswell as classic games like Attack of the Mutant Camels and Defender.

The graphics were supplied by debugdesign – we can’t recommend them enough!

We’re extremely proud of this game, and hope you’ll give it a go if it takes your fancy! We’ll be giving more details here once it’s submitted.

So, anyway, on with the show!


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Steady as she goes…

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‘Project K’ is coming along nicely. So nearly done, and yet so much yet to do.

Release is pencilled in for July 10th, though it may slip a week (and more than likely will).

In the meantime, here’s some very sneaky pics!


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A thank you to Debug Design

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A few days ago we asked Debug Design to come up with some artwork for ‘Project K’.

They did it all in just a few short days. Amazing!

Here’s an example of how awesome these guys are:

Feeling a little... Lost...

The brief was: “We need a couple of islands…”

We got the island from LOST in return…


Thanks to Ian and his team for getting this done so quickly, and with such imagination and character! If you need graphics for your games, get in touch with them. They’re fast and good!

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The art of a new logo…

Posted in art, Games, iphone, ipod, News, screenshots on March 28th, 2010 by quantumsheep

Our lovely arty friend Dan made us a new logo. We love it!

It’ll appear at the start of all our new games. Watch out for those soon!

Additionally, we’re hoping to collaborate with Dan on a few projects. Exciting stuff! The guy is an art genius ๐Ÿ™‚

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The art of coming back from the dead…

Posted in art, Games, iphone, ipod, News on March 25th, 2010 by quantumsheep

Seems the best way is to take a break for a couple of weeks!

Let’s call it a ‘holiday’!

We’re feeling a lot fresher and happier about our upcoming games. Indeed, we’re getting some help in in the form of our good pal Dan, who’s just a fantastic artist.

Seems silly to talk about art and not offer an example… fear not though, we’re hoping to unveil our new logo, created by Dan, within the next week or so…

And that’s just the start! There’s been some progress across about five new games, including a couple that we’d put on the shelf till we found a great artist.

Mission accomplished, and time for the hard work to begin again!

Stay tuned!

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