Attack of the Kraken

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Battle across the earth and into outer space and beyond in this unique and epic retro style 2D shooter from Quantum Sheep!

“Over a period of several days, the Meteors fell, landing in the Earth’s deep oceans. Unbeknownst to humanity, the invasion had already started…”


*Inspired by classic games such as Attack of the Mutant Camels, Defender and Time Pilot, as well as John Wyndham’s classic novel ‘The Kraken Wakes’

*16 beautifully drawn levels to battle in

*More than 10 different enemy types, including five UFO variants and four huge Kraken!

*Pilot the experimental Titan Rocket across seven different environments, including cityscapes and outer space!

*Innovative scoring system – the better your shield strength, the more points-per-hit you get!

*Destroy an enemy with maximum shields to get a perfect kill!

*Research – Perfect Kills add research points against an enemy type. Fully researched enemies are easier to kill!

*Perfect for quick goes or longer play sessions – play a level to try and gain research points, or take the whole game on at once!

*A compelling narrative that propels the action forward

*Look out for sci-fi easter eggs scattered around the levels

*Two difficulty levels – play on hard for double the points and harder and faster enemies, but with only three lives instead of five!

*Epic Soundtrack by Kevin Macleod

*Two control methods to choose from, with controllable opacity

*Check out the sneak peek video here:

Take control of the experimental Titan Rocket ship and battle against the huge Kraken as they rise from the oceans and make their way across land, threatening all before them!

It’s up to you to fight back against the alien menace! Can you save the world and defeat the Kraken Queen on her homeworld?

Good luck, pilot!

Further details:

The Kraken themselves are huge monstrosities, armed with homing missiles. Can you survive their relentless march towards their targets? Can you stop them?

As well as Kraken there are also UFOs to deal with, that perform different functions (Jammers, for instance, disrupt your radar until they’re damaged enough).

The scoring system is tied to your shields:

At Maximum shields, you get maximum points for each hit.

If your shields are damaged, you get progressively less points for each hit.

Destroying a ‘Regenerator’ UFO kill will put your shields back up to maximum!

Additionally, destroying an enemy while your shields are at Max gets you a ‘Perfect Kill’ for that enemy.

Each Perfect Kill adds to your research, and a fully researched enemy will make them easier to kill, as well as possibly stopping a certain trait (i.e. the jammer UFOs mentioned before would no longer be able to disrupt your radar).

The action can get pretty intense,  and I think it’s a lot of fun, and I hope you guys like it!

Thanks for reading!

QS 😀

December 2010 – An update is now available for Attack of the Kraken!

Version 1.1 features:

*Bonus level, artwork and music based on the lovely ‘Poodle Inavasion‘ by Frederico Machuca. Get a high score of over 300,000 points to access this mini masterpiece!

*Smaller app size

*Control system ‘C’

*Quicker to get into game*

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