Another WIP shot of ProjectSAMMY :D

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Hello! Hope you’re well! 🙂

This is the second screenshot from ProjectSAMMY. Hope you enjoy it!

I’m having a real blast making this right now! I don’t think it’ll be done before March sometime, but I’ll release more shots when I’m comfy showing them!

The pic featured, and the one before, are based (hopefully obviously!) in a crypt. That’s all I’m going to say about it!

I’m working out story details right now! If Star Wars: The Old Republic has taught me anything this past month, it’s that story is important!

I have about $200m less in my budget for ProjectSAMMY. Let’s see what I can do 😉

Thanks for reading!

QS 😀

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A quick update!

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Hi all!

I’m reticent to post ‘work in progress’ shots of upcoming games, but I wanted to show you all I’m still here and still working on new stuff!

So, with that said, here’s a preview shot of ‘ProjectSAMMY’.

Hope you like it!

ProjectSAMMY will be an adventure game and I hope to add a bit of Quantum Sheep magic to it too!

I’ve made adventure games before, of course, but they were text adventures for the PC. Lots of fun to make too, so I’m excited to be working on this!

At the moment my time is split between this and Air Supply SOS – I’m hoping to settle on one or the other by the end of the month and get something finished by March/April.

So, yeah. I’m still here!


QS 😀

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What year is this? WHO’S THE PRESIDENT???

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Or this:



Been away a while. I’m currently house-sitting for my cousin, but will be back in the saddle come Monday morning!

Been working on some exciting stuff, but it’s all a few months out!

So here’s the new year’s list from the sheep, in no particular order!

Air Supply – iPad
Air Supply – Mac
Air Supply SOS – iPad, iPhone, Mac
Attack of the Kraken – iPad
Attack of the Kraken – Mac

A lot to be getting on with for sure! We’ll see how we get on!

Thanks to everyone for their support! Much appreciated! I hope you’ll enjoy playing my games in 2012! 😀


QS 😀
There may be Android/Kindle Fire versions in there too at some point. But I’m pretty busy as it is!