Happy Halloween!

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Buy Black Cat Halloween here


Happy Halloween from all of us at Quantum Sheep!


Why not treat yourselves and try out our trick app, Black Cat Halloween on your iPhone ?


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Four Reviews

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Hello all,

Some people have played our games! And some have written reviews of them!

You’ll find four reviews below. They seem favourable – and an average four star rating among all our games on the App store makes us feel we’re doing something right!

Enjoy the read!

Singularity Drive: Prologue – Review 1 Review 2

Bugzone – Review

Black Cat Halloween – Review


Additionally, we’re featured again for Bugzone on the GameSalad blog – check it out here.

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Bugzone – Now available on the App Store!

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Bugzone, the latest game from Quantum Sheep, is now officially available on the App Store for your iPhone or iPod Touch! Check out what the game is like on its game page, and click on either of the images above to buy the game now!

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Black Cat Halloween and Singularity Drive: Prologue feature on GameSalad

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Those lovely folks over at GameSalad featured two of our games on their latest blog along with a few other titles now on sale from other GS users. Check it out! :)

Black Cat Halloween – Now available on the App Store!

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Our newest app, Black Cat Halloween is now available on the App Store!

Find out more info here, and click on the icon to get the app before Halloween comes around!

The price remains the same…

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“You guys…we’re the #37 app. With no publisher. Without being a dollar. With a free version online. Thanks for help breaking the rules!”

No, not us, but developer Semi Secret talking about the success of Canabalt on Twitter, yesterday.

We personally love their game. It’s exactly what an iPhone game should be, in our opinion. It’s fun, simple, stylish and very, very addictive… great for short play sessions when you’re waiting for the bus, or on the train. Or just on the loo 😉

The incredible thing is that they stuck to their guns, price wise.  The game retails for $3 on the US App store, and many called for the price to be reduced due to the game’s simplicity and the general standard of the competition.

So why the huge success, when most developers panic and drop their prices according to what the market wants?

Here are some possibilities:

1. The market is huge. It’s therefore able to support multiple pricing structures. We recently bought the excellent BeatMaker music creation app for $20. It was worth it. Perhaps Canabalt is *worth* your $3 just because it’s a quality, quality game. Do quality games deserve high price tags? Activision certainly thinks so… Some people will buy quality games no matter what the price. Others won’t. If the former outnumber the latter, you have a hit!

2. The game itself is awesome fun, as we’ve said before. It’s not *everyone’s* idea of awesome fun. Some call it too simple to command such a price tag. We would call it ‘pure’ :) Enough people like it, though, to have pushed it into the top 40 paid apps list… so they must be doing *something* right, right?

3.  The online version, the full Flash game played in your browser, serves as a great demo of what the game would be like on the iPhone. Nothing’s hidden, nothing’s removed. It’s the full game. You pay to have it in your pocket, on your iPhone.

4. Did we mention it was awesome fun? Seriously though, games should be measured, value wise, by how much fun you have playing them, not how many features you can cross off a checklist.

At the end of the day, the decision is the consumer’s as to how much they’ll pay for a game. Canabalt has been a huge success, despite the naysayers warning of doom and gloom at a price that bucks the market trend. A diversity of price points will only encourage others to get in on the act. Whether their products can command such diversity in price is up to you.

Singularity Drive: Prologue – What we love about our own game!

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It’s cheeky, we know, but there are a few things that might not be particularly obvious that we wanted to share with you about Singularity Drive: Prologue.

We hope you don’t mind this little bit of self indulgence!

1. The controls – too many times, the controls are a barrier to enjoying a great game. Feedback we’ve got from our customers tells us that we’ve got the controls pretty much spot on. We will be trying to improve on them however in future updates.

2. There’s strategy involved – managing your Quantum Energy, and using your Time and Singularity Bombs to good effect requires a little strategy. Granted, it’s not much, but we feel it adds another layer to the standard ‘Avoid ’em up’ formula!

3. You can change time! – Get your ship to the year 2097 in the story mode, and the story is changed slightly to reflect your success.

4. Pilgrims – Pilgrims are alternate universe versions of yourself that need to be picked up. Sometimes, though, you have to sacrifice them to a Singularity Bomb. We love the concept of killing yourself to stay alive!

5. It’s strangely addictive – According to our customers, it’s quite a compelling little game! Thanks!

6. Influences – there’s a plethora of personal stuff in there might go over people’s heads a bit.

  • You have to go forward 500 years to the future, a reference to Buck Rogers, which we loved as kids!
  • Pilgrims are ‘unstuck in time’ – a reference to the classic novel Slaughterhouse 5.
  • The scream of a Pilgrim falling into a black hole is the classic ‘Wilhelm’ scream from the movies.
  • The sudden silence when you’re killed is inspired by David Lynch’s film Eraserhead.
  • The whole ‘putting right what once went wrong’ theme from Quantum Leap.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the game, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have bought it, and for all the feedback we’ve received. We’ll be updating the game as soon as we can to improve your playing experience!

There’s a lot more to come!

You can contact us at quantumshepinfo@gmail.com

Squatters – What's in a name?

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Quite a lot, actually!

There’s an interesting article on the Atomic Antelope site (gotta love these cool animal names!).

Essentially, after doing a search on iTunes, the AA guys assumed that they’re game name was available as no game with the name ‘Twitch’ came up in the search.

When actually submitting to Apple, they were informed that the game name had already been taken.

This led to accusations of ‘App store squatting’.

I can understand the frustration! At least four of our games have had to have their names changed due to other titles being released with the same name.

But to say it’s a deliberate move on the part of ‘squatters’ is unfair I think. There’s no way of telling *who* actually reserved the name. Therefore there’s no real advantage to these squatters to taking these names.

Unless they’re developers that actually ARE making a game with that name attached!

We’ve recently taken steps to ensure our game names are safeguarded by uploading screenshots, icons and description to the app store, sans game. There are about 14 Quantum Sheep games to look forward to right now, and we’re proud of the names attached to each one!

It means we have one less thing to worry about, and also serves as a record of *when* these ideas were thought of, along with the name and look of the game.

The article was a timely reminder that you really can’t take anything for granted!

Singularity Drive: Prologue – Now available on the App Store

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Quantum Sheep is proud to announce that Singularity Drive: Prologue is now available for purchase on the App store.

You can find out more about the game here. Look out for more games and apps soon!

And here is a new teaser trailer for the game:



Bugzone – submitted to the App Store

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Bugzone, the latest shooter/puzzle game from Quantum Sheep, has been submitted to the App Store for review. Find out more about the game here.