Old Games, New Games

Posted in asteroids, Games, iphone, Level, Mobile, planets, retro, sci-fi, science, space, stars, turrets on August 20th, 2009 by quantumsheep

This is a screenshot from an upcoming Quantum Sheep iPhone game.

It’s coming along very nicely. A few problems here and there have led to a prolonged period of productivity, which has seen a rudimentary level select screen and pause function successfully implemented.
The first level is almost done, with just another seven to go… along with a weapon upgrade feature.
Taking an old idea and making it new is not easy. Why change a classic game? Why add to it?
Well, in our case, making something new from something old is fun. It’s also ‘different’.
We love our retro games at QS, and we’re not claiming to make anything ‘better’ than the originals.
Instead it’s different and it’s new. And we hope you enjoy playing the game when it’s released, hopefully in a couple of months, on Apple’s App store.